For good water quality, filter your water with:

POINT OF USE WATER FILTERS - at the faucets where they are most needed.

WHOLE HOUSE WATER FILTER - to clean up your water supply.
New Ultraviolet Air Treatment System kills germs and mold in your ductwork and air conditioning coil with high-intensity ultraviolet energy. Safe and easy to install: Drill a small hole in your return duct, attach with screws and plug into an electrical outlet. Simple.  An essential first line of defense against harmful bacteria.

You can choose from a single or two-lamp unit that is installed in the return air duct or you can choose a coil irradiation unit that is inistalled on the supply side.
Lead in Water - Lab Test
If you gave your home a physical, would it pass?  Are its vital signs — air quality, humidity, water purity — in good shape? 

The answer is crucial, because your home's "fitness" directly impacts your family’s health. We’re all facing the sick building syndrome – pollution and humidity problems our “tight” energy-saving homes have brought.  Bacteria, pets, dust, and germs contaminate the inside air making us uncomfortable and ill. Our parents endured plenty of discomfort at home. Today, modern technology can master indoor air quality for you – removing air particulates, zapping bacteria and germs, freshening the air, and keeping the humidity level healthy through the seasons. Wise homeowners also keep their water quality at healthy levels – for drinking, cooking and bathing.

The OptimumHouse Corp strategy for a Healthy House focuses on the following areas-Click on your area of interest for WHAT YOU CAN DO or WHAT YOU WILL NEED

We spend most of our life indoors and more than half at home. Yet indoor air is now more polluted than outdoor air. How can this be? Well, to conserve energy, developers build modern homes airtight. When we seal in air – in winter or summer – we trap pollutants – those chemicals released from carpets and from cleaning products, gasses from appliances, and on and on.  Health suffers.  Well, what can we do?

OptimumHouse Corp offers many economical products to ensure that homeowners can “optimize” their indoor environment and have a “Healthy House”.
How to achieve good air quality?

For AIR CLEANING - throughout your home:
A portable air cleaner or a room air cleaner for localized room air cleaning.

For AIR TREATMENT- in your ventilation system:
A bacteria killer to treat the air by killing mold and bacteria in your central system, and
An electrostatic air filter to remove the dead bacteria, mold and other particles in the air.
Portable Air Cleaners provide fresh, clean air constantly. These light, easily moved air cleaners, can fit practically anywhere in a room.  They can also easily be moved from room to room.

Portable Air Cleaners can prevent particles as small as one micron from entering your air supply.

Portable Air Cleaners can provide relief to individuals with allergies or respiratory problems.

Not only is the air much healthier, common household odors, including tobacco smoke, will be eliminated.
Room Air Cleaners
Room Air Cleaners work identically the same as the portable air cleaners, except they are designed to be used in larger areas. Particles as small as one micron are prevented from entering your air supply. 

Studies show that high efficiency air cleaners profoundly reduce concentrations of air particles that occupants breathe in their homes.

Room Air Cleaners are ideal for larger rooms with more permanent contaminants and odors, including tobacco smoke.

Keep the air in your frequently used rooms healthy at all times !
Portable Air Cleaners
OptimumHouse Corp offers a full line of Portable Air Cleaners and Room Air Cleaners. Depending on your needs, you can choose the right air cleaner for any size room.
Portable Air Cleaner (Small room)
FreshZone Air Cleaner (110 sq ft room)
Portable Air Cleaners
HEPA Air Cleaner with Remote Control
HEPA Air Cleaner with Permanent Filter
HEPA Air Cleaner (375 sq ft room)
Room Air Cleaners
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Electrostatic Air Filters
A high-quality Self-Charging Electrostatic Air Filter can remove up to 95% of symptom-causing dust, pollens, molds, and animal dander from household air.  How does it work? Replace your old throwaway filter in your central system with the electrostatic filter the same size as your old filter.  No wires to connect.  No other requirements.  Easily cleaned with detergent and water.

We take many things in our homes for granted. We assume the air and water quality are fine, but are they? We need to find out for sure. Easy to use test kits can give peace of mind or determine if you need to take action for a complete healthy house.

New professional-type tests kits  can:
OptimumHouse Corp has many easy to use tests kits to test the air and water in your home. We have Tests for Radon, Tests for your Water Supply, Tests for Lead and Tests for Bacteria in water.
Indoor air quality is an issue today. Research shows that most homes have worse air within them than outside them. Light, Portable Air Cleaners, along with larger, Room Air Cleaners can filter the air and keep it circulating, providing you with healthier air.
Radon Tests
Use an EPA-approved Radon Test. There are various methods. Testing is a simple. You can use a radon charcoal canister in your basement or crawl space.  Mail the canister to a testing laboratory.  Or you can use a PRO-LAB's Professional Radon Gas Test kit. Mail to the Lab, then the Lab results come to you. 
Radon Tester
PRO-LAB's Professional Radon Gas Test Kit
Radon in Water Test Kit
Radon is invisible and odorless. Even people who have extensive exposure do not have any symptoms until it’s too late.  Every house has the potential for radon gas and should be tested.
Radon Air Tests
Radon Evacuation Blower, base mount
Radon Evacuation Blower, in-line
Radon Evacuation Blowers
If your radon air test results are abnormal, no need to panic. Use a Radon Evacuation Blower to evacuate air in basements and crawl spaces.  This simple method provides an inexpensive solution to a serious problem. If your readings are high, it may require some professional assistance.
Radon Evacuation
You should also test for radon in your water supply. Over 17,000 homeowners with well water are affected by water-borne radon according to the U.S. EPA. Radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer and is emitted in homes from well water during showering, cleaning, brushing your teeth, and doing laundry. Use a Radon in Water Test Kit.
Radon Water Test
OptimumHouse Corp offers convenient Radon Tests. If your radon readings are abnormal, we offer an easy process to remove the gas using Radon Evacuation Blowers.
There are numerous contaminants in water that can be harmful to your health and/or your home’s plumbing, fixtures and appliances. The EPA recommends testing twice per year for e-coli and coliform bacteria. Many tests are available, depending on your specific situation. Some test results are instant, others need information sent  to a Lab for testing.
In-house Water Quality Test Kit
Deluxe Water Analysis Test Kit
Cholorine/Chloramine tests (50 strips)
Pesticides in Water Test Kit
Basic Water Quality Test
A basic In-House Water Quality Test Kit can be used to perform 5 instant tests by using individual laboratory grade test strips. Gives on the spot information about your water.
Asbestos Test Kit
Hardness test strips (50 strips)
Arsenic in Water Test Kit
Iron/Hardness plus water Test Kit
Deluxe Water Quality Analysis
A Deluxe Water Analysis Kit provides a reliable, convenient way to check your water supply for many contaminants and conditions. A Deluxe Water Analysis Kit checks for 11 different contaminants. Accurate quality analysis.  In addition, a free basic water knowledge and information book and water test results sheet are included. 
Pesticides in Water Test
Pesticides, known carcinogens, can be dangerous, and even lethal. The World Health Organization estimates that half of the ground and well water in the US is contaminated with pesticides. This  kit uses laboratory grade test strips for accuracy.
Asbestos is a health hazard in many homes. Asbestos exposure can cause lung cancer. An estimated 20,000 people will die each year for the next 30 years from asbestos exposure. This simple, easy to use mail-in test identifies asbestos fibers as small as 1% by weight content and is more sensitive than EPA guidelines. Results within in two weeks.
All OptimumHouse Corp tests are easy to perform. You should start with a Basic Water Quality Test. This will give a general picture of your water’s purity. Depending on your findings, you may want to perform other tests.
Iron/Hardness Plus Water Test
This kit quickly and easily tests for 8 common contaminants and conditions. The kit contains two of each laboratory certified tests, along with a water analysis results sheet. In addition to iron and hardness, this test kit also tests for copper, nitrates, nitrites, chlorine, PH, and alkalinity.
Arsenic in Water Test
Arsenic can naturally occur in public and private water supplies. It is a carcinogen.  Private wells should be tested annually, since arsenic here can be at levels over 100 times a safe standard. This Arsenic Water Test Kit checks for arsenic easily and in minutes, at home or in the field.
Hardness Test Strips
Monitor the hardness of your water or the performance of your water softener with these bulk hardness test strips.
Chlorine/Chloramine Test Strips
Monitor the free and total chlorine level of your water or the performance of your water filter with  bulk chlorine test strips. 
Lead Lab Test for Paint and Dust Test Kit
Lead Surface Test Kit
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There are other conditions that may have an impact on your home’s health. Lead paint, lead dust, and lead surfaces themselves can be very dangerous.  You should reassure yourself by testing your home. 
Ingesting lead paint or breathing in lead dust can be deadly! A lead test kit offers the option of testing lead paint or lead dust to check if the levels are within health guidelines. Results within two weeks.
Lead Paint and Lead Dust Tests
Lead poisoning damages children’s brains from infancy to eight years old.  A lead surface test kit contains 6 instant test strips. Test your dinnerware, mini-blinds, children's toys, and other items.
Lead Surface Test
OptimumHouse Corp’s test kits for Lead in your Water, Lead Paint and Dust or on various Surfaces, are all user friendly.  All test kits provide timely results.
Indoor humidity levels, too high or too low, affect the occupants’ ‘wellness’ and the home’s structural soundness. If you suffer static shock when switching on a light, or see condensation weeping off your windows, you’ve got inadequate moisture levels. 
Respiratory problems in your family respond well to controlling humidity levels. Mold and mildew contribute to allergy problems.  Also, keeping humidity levels below 50%, will help in controlling the growth of dust mites.

An added benefit of humidity control is energy savings.  Lower humidity in the summer feels more comfortable and may allow you to use less air conditioning and reduce your electric bill. In the winter, added humidity in a room feels more comfortable and may allow you to use less heat and reduce your heating bill.

You can have effective humidity control in your home if:
OptimumHouse Corp offers several economical portable room Humidifiers that replenish humidity in the air. Also, Dehumidifiers that can remove moisture in the summer.
Warm Moisture Humidifier
In winter, place a Portable Humidifier in the important rooms - the bedroom or baby room.  OptimumHouse Corp humidifiers keep humidity levels at a comfortable, healthy zone.   You can choose from a Warm Mist or a Cool Mist Humidifier.
When summer brings in too much humidity, put a Portable Dehumidifier in areas like the basement to remove the excess humidity. A Dehumidifier can turn damp, musty rooms into comfortable living and working areas.  Doctors recommend low humidity for a healthier summer environment.
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We know that water quality is key to a healthy life. New water filtration technologies turn ordinary house tap water into fine tasting, really healthy drinking water. But the benefits go on: Filtered water reduces hard water build up in showers and sinks. It feels much smoother on your skin. It gives you softer laundry and lowers the amount of soap and detergents you need to use. 
From Point Of Use Water Filters to Whole House Water Filtration, OptimumHouse Corp. offers water filters to make your water supply safer and cleaner.
Countertop Water Filtration System
Faucet Walter Filter
Start with a Point of Use Water Filtration system that is placed where you use your water for drinking, cooking and personal use. A Kitchen Water Filter should be used at the kitchen faucet. A Shower Filter can be easily attached to the showerhead. An In-line Water Filter can be used if your refrigerator has an icemaker or a water dispenser.
With a Shower Filter, you can remove over 97% of the chlorine in your water. Daily, you can absorb more chlorine through your skin in one shower than the amount  you typically absorb drinking water. Chlorine often irritates the eyes and lungs, and can cause  skin to be dry and flaky. It can also make hair dry and brittle, and affect hair coloring and permanents.

Shower Filters
Shower Filters
Economy Shower Water Filter
Deluxe Washing Shower Water Filter
In-line Water Filter for Ice-makers and refrigerators
In-Line Water Filter
Use an In-Line Water Filter for the refrigerator water and ice maker. We are very concerned about our water quality at the faucet, but we forget about the ice that we use in our drinks.  This filter ensures the quality of our ice too.
In-Line Water Filter
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How to achieve good water quality?
Need help in setting up your Home Health Plan?  OptimumHouse Corp can assist you in a house evaluation.  You can do a Home Optimization Evaluation (HOE) yourself here. See the OptimumHouse Corp Home Self Evaluation Program for details. Additionally, if you have asthma or suffer from allergies or other respiratory diseases, see section on Asthma in Home Health Concerns.
Bacteria in Water Test Kit
Bacteria/Nitrate/Nitrite water test kit
Bacteria In Water Test
Bacterial contamination causes severe digestive problems, and can be lethal. Our test kit detects dangerous coliform and e. coli bacteria. The EPA recommends testing twice a year for these two bacteria.
Bacteria/Nitrate/Nitrite in Water Test
Whether on a public or private water supply, the only way to ensure your water’s safety is to test it yourself. This kit allows easy and accurate testing for contaminants at home. "Color Comparison" test strips indicate if harmful coliform bacteria or nitrate/nitrites are present.
UVC Germicidal Lighting for the HVAC
Single-lamp  return air unit
Two-lamp premium return air unit
Coil Irradiation unit
MultiTec Ion Air Purifier with UV
Lead in Water Lab Test Kit
Lead in Water In-house Test Kit
Lead contaminated water contributes to lead poisoning in many homes. Fill a test vial with water and mail it to a lab. Within two weeks you will know whether or not your water is safe.
Lead in Water - Home Test
Older homes often have lead in the pipes, newer homes often have lead in the soldered pipe fittings. It is critical to check the primary water faucet, usually the kitchen tap. This kit instantly detects harmful lead levels above EPA standards.
Air Cleaner with Permanent Filter (150 sq ft room)
FreshZone Air Cleaner (200 sq ft room)
How to achieve good humidity control ?

Use the bathroom and kitchen fans, particularly in the summer.
Use a portable humidifier to add humidity to a room in the heating season. In the summer, you use a portable dehumidifier to reduce humidity.
Warm Mist Humidifiers
A Warm Mist Humidifier gives you a warm, soothing vapor. This type of humidifier is ideal for small children’s rooms or to relieve cold and flu symptoms.  A home environment that is too dry in the winter can lead to the nuisance of static electricity. Additionally, at this time of year, excessive dryness can cause cracked, painful skin. 
A Cool Mist Humidifier is designed to keep a room comfortable by providing a cool, comforting mist.  Some people prefer cooler misting from a humidifier.  With all the benefits of a warm mist humidifier, again, it will help alleviate static electricity and cracked skin.
Cool Mist Humidifiers
Cool Moisture Humidifier
OptimumHouse Corp offers a full line of humidifiers. If you want to add warm moisture or prefer a cool mist, you can choose the right humidifier for your needs.
Dehumidifier with Electronic Controls
Dehumidifier with Pump and Electronic Controls
Too much moisture in the air, usually in the summer, not only can harm clothes, furniture, or even your home's structure, but more importantly, can impact health. Doctors recommend low humidity for a healthier environment. A good dehumidifier makes damp rooms comfortable.
A popular and convenient type of dehumidifier. These units have a built-in condensate pump that automatically removes moisture from the collection tank . It means that you never have to empty a bucket again! Just attach the hose (included), and the unit can be easily drained through a window . However, they can also be drained with the bucket-- like a standard dehumidifier. 
Dehumidifiers with Pumps
Under the Counter Single Cartridge Water Filtration System
Countertop Water Filtration
This type of unit sits on the counter and easily connects to most kitchen faucets. A valve replaces the aerator on your faucet. In the regular position, water exits straight through the aerator. When filtered water is desired, you turn on the cold water and pull out on the diverter valve knob - water is then routed through the filter.
For improved water filtration , use an Under the Counter Water Filtration System. Not only can you hide your water filtration system, you can double your effectiveness with a double cartridge water filtration system. You can add cartridges to effectively remove many types of harmful bacteria and sediment.
Under the Counter Water Filtration
Under the Counter Double Cartridge Water Filtration System
OptimumHouse Corp offers a full line of dehumidifiers. We have small and large capacity dehumidifiers. We also have the new type of dehumidifiers with a pump that will automatically pump out the water.
OptimumHouse Corp offers a full line of point of use water filters. For the kitchen, the counter top filters are convenient and easy to install. However, it may be better to place the water filtration system under the counter. The shower water filter can make sure you take a clean shower. The in-line water filter will ensure the quality of your ice and/or refrigerator water.

OptimumHouse Corp  has a number of Ultraviolet Air Treatment Systems to keep your indoor environment healthy. Choose the application that best fits your particular configuration and needs.
Multi/Technology Ion Air Purifying
These type of Ion Purifiers combine all currently used technologies into one unit. They eliminate airborne contaminants and allergens that may be linked to a variety of symptoms and diseases. Now, all these technologies are available in homes.
Ultraviolet Air Treatment System
Bacteria can be found throughout a home. Mold is often forming in a home's dark, damp areas, such as the basement. Ultraviolet Air Treatment Systems work wonders in truly keeping your indoor air clean and healthy.
AIR CLEANING - Throughout your home

AIR TREATMENT - In your Ventilation System
New technologies bring us good methods for:
AIR QUALITY - Air Cleaning
AIR QUALITY - Air Treatment
Consider a Whole House water filter to eliminate suspended particles in the water, including rust and sediment. Since such a filter may require a plumber, it may be easier to install Point Of Use water filters in the faucets where you use water for drinking. Use a Countertop Water System or an Under The Counter Water Filtration system for your kitchen. Use a Shower water filter to avoid getting excess chlorine on your body. An In-Line water filter is great for your refrigerator water or your icemaker.
Countertop Water Filters
A filter on your kitchen faucet saves money and the trouble of bottled water. It is easy and inexpensive. You can use a Countertop Water Filter that is placed on top of your counter and easily attaches to your faucet. If you prefer to keep the water filtration system out of sight, use an Under the Counter model.
Under the Counter Water Filters
3/4'' Filter for Whole House Water (sediment & odor)
A Whole House Water Filter connects to the main water line and filters the entire house. All faucets, showers, and baths will have filtered water. These filters are very good as a first line of protection and to remove any sediment. These Whole House Water Filters can filter approximately 300,000 gallons of water (about 3 years consumption). If your main line is 3/4", the water filter will filter out about 5 gpm (gallons per minute). If your main line is 1", it will filter out about 15 gpm peak flow. Easy to install but a professional plumber may be desirable.
1'' Filter for Whole House Water (sediment & odor)
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Faucet Filters
These are small filters that attach directly to your faucet. These filters effectively remove a range of contaminants from your tap water, turning it into safe, delicious drinking water.

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