Home Security Concerns -
Being at home alone and if I have an accident,  I can get help even if I cannot reach the phone.
A system that dials pre-selected numbers in case of emergency but it does not require monitoring monthly fees.
A system that if anyone at home has an emergency and cannot reach the phone, it will automatically call designated numbers for notification.
Personal Assistance Systems
Installing a Security Camera without  having to install wiring throughout the home.
Monitoring inside my home by having a wireless camera send a signal to my TV.
Monitoring your Baby’s room.
Wireless Security Cameras
Installing a Security System that will protect my home without having to pay monthly monitoring fees.
Security Systems
Checking my house while on vacation.
Seeing What’s Going on At Home by Internet
Motion sensors for lights & appliances
Indoor occupancy sensors switches
Outdoor lights that turn on/off automatically
Motion Detectors
Automatic Control of Lights
Outdoor lights that send a signal to turn on an indoor lamp  when someone walks by
Installing indoor motion sensors without having to do any electrical wiring
Receive an alert when a vehicle enters my driveway
Knowing when a visitor approaches my home
Receiving an voice announcement when someone is approaching my driveway or my home
Visitor or Intruder Alert
A lock that can be opened only with a PIN number
A lock that doesn’t need a key and it can be opened by the fingerprint of  home residents.
Doors and Windows
Checking on my elderly parents from my home or office.
Checking on my baby sitter from my office.
Installing a Security System without  having to install wiring throughout the home.
Getting an alert if someone enters my door
A system for my elderly parent that automatically calls me and other designated phone numbers in the event of an emergency.
Automatically recording the output from my security camera for long periods.
Having a system that has coverage for all windows and  doors.
A Security System that has motion sensors to detect intruders.
A Security System that has a keychain remote control to allow you to easily control your security system.
Checking my office while I’m away.
Having a camera system that sends me an email or instant message in the event of an occurrence.
A solar powered vehicle alert system that I can place away from the home and don’t have to worry about electrical power or changing batteries
A Door bell intercom that I can easily install by replacing my door bell.
An easy to install system that alerts me when someone is approaching the front door.
A portable phone to call 911 without having to pay any monthly fees or subscribe to a mobile phone company plan.
Notification from my elderly parent in case of a fall in the shower.
Receiving an alert alarm if an intruder breaks the glass in a window/door.
Opening/closing drapes with a remote control
Programming times to open/close drapes
Controlling all lights in the home from the bedroom
Turning home lights on/off  from the car
Using my remote for the stereo and TV and for the lights
Controlling lights & appliances from a central location.
Using a wireless remote that I can move around the home.
Programming lights & appliances to operate at desired times 
Installing wireless outlets and switches
Operating wall switches by remote control
Monitoring the outdoor surroundings of my home by having a wireless camera send a signal to my TV.
When a visitor comes to my front door, I want to answer the doorbell with my phone.
A system that allows me to talk to and see a visitor to my home
A Door bell intercom that does not require any wiring.
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